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Tentative Lecture Schedule 

Date Lecture Slides Homework Reading Materials
1/20 Introduction lecture01.pptx   None
1/22 Korat lecture02-korat.ppt   Korat.pdf 
1/27 Concolic Testing lecture03-concolic.pptx CUTE Homework (due on 2/15)


cute.pdf (optional) 

1/29 Race detection lecture04-race.ppt  



2/3 Corina on Symbolic JPF SymbolicJPF09.ppt   symjpf.pdf 
2/5 Cancelled.  


2/10 Tom Ball on Program Analysis 2.0 Program Analysis 2.0.pdf   None
2/12 Atomicity and deadlock analysis lecture05-atomicity.ppt  



2/17 Partial Order Reduction in Model Checking lecture06-dpor.ppt RaceFuzzer Homework  (due on 3/3) dpor.pdf 
2/19 Madan Musuvathi on CHESS: Finding and Reproducing Heisenbugs in Concurrent Programs chess-berkeley2009.pptx  



2/24 Project discussion     
2/26 Pushdown models and decidability lecture07-pda.ppt  

pda.pdf  (section 3 onwards are optional)


3/3 Well Structured Transition Systems  


WSTS.pdf (optional)

3/5 Multiset Pushdown Systems  


mpds.pdf (optional) 

3/10 Mooly Sagiv on Abstract Interpretation overview.ppt   Check your email for reading material
3/12 Mooly Sagiv on Abstract Interpretation ai.pptx Pointer Analysis Homework (due on 4/14)  
3/17 Mayur Naik on Pointer analysis pointer-analysis1.ppt   hind-paste01.pdf 
3/19 Mayur Naik on Pointer analysis pointer-analysis2.ppt   pldi04.pdf 
3/31 Byron Cook on Terminator  termination1.pdf   monograph.pdf  review.pdf
4/2 Byron Cook on Terminator  termination2.pdf   read a paper of choice from http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/cambridge/projects/terminator/papers.htm
4/7 Byron Cook on Terminator  termination3.pdf   read a paper of choice from http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/cambridge/projects/terminator/papers.htm
4/9 Byron Cook on Terminator  termination4.pdf    
4/14 Corina and Dimitra on Compositional verification  compver.pdf   jase03.pdf 
4/16 Corina and Dimitra on Compositional verification CompositionalVerification_Part_II.ppt   LearningJournal.pdf 
4/21 No class (work on the project)    
4/23 Corina and Dimitra on Compositional verification compver3.pdf   fase09.pdf 
4/28 Ranjit Jhala on BLAST blast-lecture-long.ppt   lazy_abstraction.pdf 
4/30 Delta Debugging   delta.pdf 
5/5 No Class    
5/7 Project presentation Project Poster and Report    


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